6. August, 2004 - I guess not

Yesterday did not turn out as planned. First there was a kerfuffle with a client. Yes, there’s a bug. No it’s not all that severe, nor is it hard to fix, but fixing it would mean a whole bunch of testing before we could ship it. We can probably fix it in the next release.

Then mom called. She was having a crisis with her prescriptions and I had to drive up there. No big deal, as it turns out, just took a phone call to the doctor so he could call the pharmacy and sort everything out.

Also at mom’s, the momma-bear who’s been stopping by about every second night sounds as though she’s getting bolder. She climbed into the flower-bed and was looking in the window at mom’s kitchen table Wednesday night, which seems perhaps a bit too bold. Hopefully bringing in the bird-feeders overnight will discourage the bear. If not, we might have some bear steak for next year’s tailgating.

After taking care of the mom-issues and driving home, I had to call a prospective client. It sounds like one of those jobs where it’s going to take almost as long to gather the requirements as to implement them. That’s not all bad I guess. I think I’m getting better at requirements gathering.

Finally, it was time to get to the things I had planned for yesterday. I managed to get the lawn mowed, and pulled a few more weeds out of the garden. That was about it, meaning I still have to hook up the scanner so I can scan some photos for another client today, but I’ve already handled a bunch of email that needed responses this morning, and configured two new client websites on my server (more on that when they go live) and I should be able to get some other, smaller work-things done over the course of the day. If not, I’m still in reasonably good shape for the weekend and next week. And maybe I’ll even finish weeding the garden before it starts raining sometime this weekend.

Oh, and I got a copy of The Real Frank Zappa Book via UPS yesterday. Another of the Davids I know bought it off my Amazon Wish List. Muchos Thanks, David! I imagine I’ll find a way to read that over the weekend, too.

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