3. August, 2004 - three homestands left

The summer moves on, and with it the Saints season. I realized this morning that there are just three short homestands left, plus whatever playoffs the Saints qualify for. That’s not all that much baseball, but there’s some major tailgating remaining to be done. The middle homestand includes my birthday, PETA night, and the last Sunday day-game. The other two Sundays are going to be evening games. I’m not sure why, but that seems notable.

And why was it this morning that I realized that? Well, part of it is that rather than go straight to bed after last night’s game, I stayed up and emptied most of the tailgating junk out of my truck. My Cargo Caddy arrived via UPS yesterday, and I’m hoping to get it installed in the truck sometime this week. But that means that I was up late, which means waking up late, so it’s going to be a link-poor morning. But I excused myself for oversleeping, thinking to myself There aren’t many more home stands left. And there we are.

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