2. August, 2004 - long weekend

And not in the “I had an extra day off” meaning. Friday was some work (maybe all the bugs are fixed now, but I fear not — I’m kind of afraid to check), followed by a ballgame. Saturday was a trip to mom’s, followed by a ballgame. Yesterday, ballgame, followed by a gathering at a local watering hole with some friends for dinner. A fun weekend, but there was little time for other necessary activities, like laying about on the couch while trying to decide between watching the tube and taking a nap (or perhaps being greedy and doing both). Ah well, it was fun, even if the Saints lost to the normally-hapless Explorers yesterday. It seems they’re playing down to the level of the competition again, and the baseball wasn’t especially good all weekend.

To top it off, yesterday was a good day for adding to the cranky-factor. It started with the fun-run the Saints sponsored that had Energy Park Drive shut down until almost noon. We were stranded waiting with a bunch of other cars on the exit from Snelling until the last of the runners finished up, rather than being able to get into the lot to start cooking breakfast. And it was hot and humid. I had a good day, but I’ve still got a few grumpy emails I need to send off yet this morning.

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