30. July, 2004 - that went well, I think

The week, she is nearly finished. The home-stand, not yet. Last night was another Saints game, fourth in the series against the Canaries, and the Saints dropped it. But the company was good, and in spite of “help” from friends, I survived a blind date at the ballpark. I think I scored bonus points for cooking a good dinner (walleye and wild rice) and opening car doors (apparently a lost art). There was a curious moment when Wendy (one of the vendors) informed me that a gal you dated fifteen years ago was here last night but was too embarrassed to come over to say hello. Sad to say, I’m not even certain who that could be. I lost some points for spilling a beer on her purse (I’m not sure if I spilled it or had help, but the purse is washable, and I think I was more upset than she was), being distracted too often by friends at the park, and nearly getting into an accident as we were talking on the way home (I kept looking over as she talked, rather than keeping my eyes on the road). In any case no one was killed, so I’ll call it a success for now.

In other ballpark news, the Right Reverend Randy is back in town, fresh from his internship in the desert of Oregon. He’ll be back in town for at least a year, and it’s good to have him back at the park.

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