29. July, 2004 - closing in

Yesterday was another good day. I think I get to knock off half of the bugs remaining on my plate this morning (after verifying the fix) and I think I’m now clueful about the remaining bugs. That’s a lot better than when I woke up yesterday, and gives me hope that I’ll finish off the rest of them before the week is done. Then again, I’ve got a lot of non-work stuff to do today (more on that tomorrow, perhaps), so we’ll see how it turns out.

Last night, at the Saints game, Adam Olow hit his first and second dingers of the season. Add in homers from Scott Samuels and Tim Merritt, and the Saints just squeaked past the Canaries. It was a great game, interrupted briefly by a couple showers that scared away about half the crowd, but I just stayed put in my seat, figuring at least I was keeping the seat dry that way. One of the Fraters (Saint Paul?) was there and stopped by to say hello, too. Hello!

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