28. July, 2004 - sun-baked brain

Yesterday was a lot of fun. The Saints didn’t play great baseball, but they got handed a win in the 9th by the Canaries, and not every win during the season has to be pretty. It almost makes up for the two wins they handed Gary last weekend (well, maybe it half makes up for those two losses).

And it was a beautiful day. Plenty of sunshine, and enough wind to keep it from feeling too hot. I apparently put enough sunblock on, and only got burned in the one location I completely missed (top of my chest, where the V of a v-neck shirt would be — that area’s been covered by a beard for 16 years, and I’m still not used to thinking it might see any sun).

It was nice taking a day off in the middle of the week like that, but today I’ve got to get back to work. Life goes on, and while I can squeeze out a day here or there for a ballgame, I’ve got to keep at the work if I want to be able to pay the bills. The biggest drawback is that today feels like Monday again. I guess there are a lot worse complaints a guy could have.

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