27. July, 2004 - happier

Yesterday was a good day. The truck just needed a new battery (and got it). The rest of the errands were all attended to before noon, leaving the afternoon for work, and then there was a Saints game that they won, complete with people sitting on the warning track (okay, that part wasn’t the greatest, but it’s apparently the first time it’s happened in St. Paul since 1916).

Today, I start the day with a daytime Saints game, including breakfast in the parking lot, and a bunch of sun-block. I’m expecting it’ll be a pretty fun day, but not the most productive work-day of my career. I guess there’s a chance I’ll come straight home from the game and have a productive evening, but I think work is something I’ll worry about in the latter half of the week. Maybe it’ll be raining then, which should make concentrating on work easier.

In a gardening related note, yesterday I harvested the first of the hot peppers from my garden. There are two more that are almost ripe, and over a dozen that should be ready sometime next week or so. Food is going to be spicier than usual for the next few weeks, I think.

And since I’m talking about upsetting stomachs, how about a day full of politics? It ain’t pretty, but I found myself having to stare, just like gawking at a car-crash on the side of the freeway. This is what happens when I decide that since I’m not getting the links done in time for people to read them before work starts, I’ll put things together before I go to sleep.

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