26. July, 2004 - I don’t like Mondays

Update 0945: As it turns out, it was just the battery in the truck. The factory battery was about five years old, and that’s about all they’re good for. But when it went, it went good. Apparently at least one cell was dead-shorted inside the battery. My mechanic was surprised I hadn’t had more problems with it before now. But it’s been replaced and everything is good now.

Well. You’ll forgive me if I sound a bit grumpy. I’m spending Monday morning waiting to hear back from the garage about just what my truck needs in order to be happy again, but it’s either a dead battery, a scrozzed alternator, or something otherwise leaking away the happy electrons when they’re all supposed to be staying put. I’m not sure which, but if I don’t drive it every day, it won’t start. More about that in a bit.

Anyway, to the weekend. Saturday was the big blog party thing at Keegan’s. I didn’t make the One Day In July thing, and I’ll leave coverage of that to Jim or someone else who was actually there. The blog party was okay. I showed about 4:30 and the Fraters and King were there, and by 5:30 the joint was rockin’. Or something. There sure were a lot of geeks. The Fraters and Mitch have reviews. Me, I had an okay time, mostly talking to Chaz, Chuck and Odin. Chaz and I walked down to Pracna for the fireworks and chanced into a table. As an extra bonus, they have the $2 beers from 9-11, which covered the fireworks show pretty nicely.

Sunday, I had planned to make the journey up to Mom’s, then stop at Target on the way home to restock, and then do some laundry. But as I climbed into the truck around 10:30, I discovered that the battery was dead again, and rather than a nice purring from the starter, I just got an annoying clicking sound and a red light on the dash. That pretty much ruined both my plans and my mood for the day, and I spent the day watching stupid things on the television and waiting for it to be Monday so I could have the garage fix my truck. Didn’t get nothin’ done.

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