22. July, 2004 - break in the weather

Whew. Things are much more comfortable after last night’s storm. The sky got that ominous yellow color for a little while, and then there was some rain. Today, the dewpoints are supposed to drop into the 50s and that feels a ton better. Just in time for me to need to mow the lawn again this weekend.

Some days I surprise myself. Yesterday was one of those. I expected I’d need to spend all day tracking down a particularly nasty bug, but after a brief flash of inspiration, I looked to see what changes other people had made that might affect things. Bingo! The problem wasn’t mine at all, but rather someone who had clobbered a bug fix I’d put in over six months ago. It would be frustrating if I hadn’t found it as quickly as I did, but that bit of inspiration meant that I was actually ahead of my self-imposed schedule on work, and I took the opportunity for a mid-afternoon nap, and woke up feeling much refreshed. Some last-minute updates to the ADHOC site and I finished the day feeling pretty good, except for a bit of JavaScript that isn’t doing what I think it should.

Today, I think I’m going to try to knock off a few more bugs, do a little noodling on some of my websites (I desperately need to update the Better Nerds site one of these days), and go out grocery shopping so I can restock the pantry. Seems like a pretty good plan for the day to me.

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