21. July, 2004 - hot!

Got up to 90 yesterday, but the dewpoint was in the 70s all day, and it was pretty darned hot-feeling out there. Hot enough that I waited until 10pm before hauling out the trash so they could pick it up this morning. Hot enough that the low temp this morning was 72. And no real relief in sight for today either. I’m guessing today will be a day spent mostly in the air-conditioned bliss of my house.

It’s probably just as well the weather is going to keep me close to home today. I’ve got most of the domestic things in order at the moment (aside from a pressing need to do laundry, but that’s a good background task), and need to spend the day concentrating on fixing bugs for a client. I need to earn my keep around here, and I’ve had a reasonably productive week so far, billing hours for four different clients in the past two days, and need to focus on the client with the next looming deadline today. All of the tasks have been achievable, and I’ve been making good progress, and that’s a darned good feeling. If I can maintain that kind of productivity, it’ll make the overworked feelings I’ve had so far in July seem worthwhile.

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