15. July, 2004 - grinding along

I always hate it when I have to do any work on Windows. Yesterday and today, I’ve needed to update a MSVC++ project for a client to reflect the changes I made to the CodeWarrior project on the Mac. But first I needed to spend an hour or so in Windows Update so my computer could be connected to the internet without getting infected immediately. Even that, by itself, is a huge disincentive to me to even want to work on Windows. Yeah, I know I have to do software updates on my Mac too, but I’m using my Mac every day, so they’re small updates and don’t bother me. I power on the Windows machine once every couple months, so an update there is an all-morning affair.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t gripe too much about it, but it’s a big part of why I do as little work as possible on Windows. Even after I’d done all the Windows Updates, I still needed to do the actual work, then recompile everything, fix my mistakes and generally just spend time living with an environment I don’t especially like. I do end up appreciating my Mac a lot more after one of these forays though.

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