13. July, 2004 - still tired

I think it’s my lot in life to spend this summer tired. Between trying to make my house my own and trying to keep up the normal routine of going to all the Saints games I possibly can, while still getting some work done during the summer, and trying to have a social life with the folks who don’t go to baseball games, there’s just a lot going on.

That said, I promised something of a recap, so let’s get to it:

Friday night was baseball. I was on my own, sorta, but gave Pete one of my tickets so he could sell both of his, and got a couple beers in exchange. Woo! Fun was had, and I don’t think we scared Angie’s parents too much.

Saturday — Went to mom’s for lunch, but she’d forgotten I was coming up, and was in town shopping, so I sat for an hour keeping her dog company until she got home. Then we had a hurried lunch, a bit of conversation, and I was headed back for the Saturday evening Saints game. Nothing too exciting, and I was at the game solo, and mostly sat by myself, mostly enjoying it.

After getting home and going to sleep, I got woke up in the middle of the night by a couple minutes of near-continuous thunder and lightning. I thought about getting up to close some windows, but the breeze coming in was cool enough that I figured I’d deal with any wetness in the morning. Turns out there was just a little puddle in the bedroom I’m still working on, but since it’s mostly empty, that was just a few seconds work to deal with. I worried about Sunday’s game a bit, but that was a problem for the morning, too.

Sunday, as I mentioned, I went to the ballgame. Scott & Kat had invited Odin to the game. Interesting to meet the man behind the infowaif, and we had a generally pleasant conversation. I don’t expect we’ll be bestest buddies, but I avoided the urge to bop him in the nose.

After the game, I hung out in the parking lot for a while. All of our regular tailgating crowd was gone, so it was quiet time mostly, as Brian & I had been baking in the sun all afternoon. There were a group of folks next to us who had been in the Windsor clubhouse, and apparently had consumed plenty of beer. At one point, they asked me to come over and take a group photo of them, but after we’d all assembled, someone pointed out that one of the gals was missing. Oh well, take the photo anyway. A cute blonde made the 1-800-BABE comment as I was walking back to my chair. When the missing gal had returned, I got asked over to take another photo, and after that was done, it was suggested that they needed a picture of the photographer — With all the girls! The cute blonde came running over and leapt into my arm (my left hand was holding a beer or something), and I managed not to drop her (or the beer) while a couple photos were snapped. The rest of the gals didn’t join in. Drat.

Maybe I missed an opportunity, but I’d noticed that between the two sets of photos, one of the guys there had been putting his arm around her protectively, and was glaring at me during the second set of pictures. No point it pushing the issue, I figure.

After returning home and unpacking the cooler, I took a nap. Between the sun and the beer, I was happily tired and loving the cool air in my conditioned bedroom. When I woke up about 7pm, I noticed Spencer had called, leaving a message about a gathering that evening, so I headed out to meet him and a few other friends for dinner and a beer. Good times, and more compliments on the short hair. Dang! I wasn’t really looking for that sort of reaction, but it makes me happy to get it.

Yesterday was hot. I got most of the backlog handled in the morning while the house wasn’t unbearably hot, and then spent the afternoon napping in my air-conditioned bedroom while waiting for the handyman I’d contacted to call back. He never did. Come evening, I’d had enough and decided to install the new air conditioner in the living room window myself and worry about whether the weight of the thing would warp the vinyl window to the point that it won’t close come winter sometime later. Like maybe winter. By the time I was ready to go to bed, the living room (and more importantly the corner of it that makes up my office) was cool enough where I didn’t break out in a sweat just sitting down. Ahh, bliss.

Well, that’s the update. Long enough to satisfy those who don’t bother clicking through on the links, I hope.

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