8. July, 2004 - furnace cleaning day

Yesterday… Where to start? In the morning, I guess. I started the day with a bit of work, then headed outside about 10am to get the garden weeded and the lawn mowed. I wanted to do that before the day warmed up (it got up to around 70, but 60 is a pretty comfortable lawn-mowing temperature for me) and before the delivery men showed up with my new drier and air-conditioner at 2 in the afternoon. All went well, and by noon, I was somewhat tired and ready for lunch. The garden isn’t perfectly weeded, but you can at least see all the plants that belong there now, and the lawn is all the same length again.

So it was a good morning. Productive and satisfying. The afternoon? Not so much. Rather than diving into lunch right away, I started out trying to plug a security hole I’d been warned about, figuring it would only take a few minutes. After an hour of fumbling about on my own, and an hour on the phone with tech support, all I succeeded in doing was taking down my DSL connection. So I took a break for a late lunch while waiting for the delivery men.

Once the appliances were dropped off (but not installed — Minneapolis doesn’t allow the delivery men to connect up driers), I headed over to my ISP to get the problems with my DSL connection sorted out. Shortly after 4pm, everything was working again, and I’d had quite enough for the day. I plowed through the email, responded where I’d needed to, and realized I’d screwed up one employee’s check in the monthly payroll that had run late because I was out of town on the first. It’s nothing I can’t correct next month once I’ve figured out where I went wrong, but it served as a pretty fine capper for the afternoon.

Today, sometime around noon, Minnegasco is going to send over some people to clean the ducts of my furnace (it’s a gravity system and there are no records of the last time the ducts were cleaned — I can see the dust in them, though) so it’ll be ready for next winter. I booked this appointment in May, so today it shall be, lest I incur the wrath of the scheduling gnomes and get rescheduled for next February.

But between the new drier sitting forlornly in the basement, waiting for a piece of gas flex, and all the other projects around the house that need to be done, I’m thinking of hiring a handyman to help me make some progress on them. Do any of my readers know of a good handyman? Lileks pointed to one a while back, but that website didn’t have contact information earlier this week (or was hitting an error trying to display it), and I suspect they’re probably getting plenty of business anyhow.

A little short on links today, too. Funny how that follows from not having a network all afternoon yesterday.

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