5. July, 2004 - holiday

I wasn’t planning on posting at all today, but this is so typical of the way things work that I had to mention it. This morning, I started doing all the laundry I had from the week out of town. When I put the first load in the drier and hit the “start” button, the clothes started going around again, but the fire wouldn’t light, so it was just cold air going over the clothes.

This has happened before, and I’ve had Minnegasco out twice to fix the drier. They’re stumped, since it usually works fine when a repairman is here, and only fails on weekends and holidays. In any case, I’d had enough. Rather than the more satisfying approach of using the drier for target practice, I headed over to Warners’ Stellian to order a new one. Almost $500 later, a new drier will be delivered to me on Wednesday, but I’ll either have to hook it up myself or pay someone around another $100 to connect it. Whatever. I’ll have a drier that should always work, and that’s worth quite a bit to me.

But here’s the kicker. When I got home and tried the drier one last time, it fired up on the first try. Works flawlessly now. If anyone wants a gas drier that’s inhabited by gremlins, it’s yours for picking it up. Just let me know before 8am on Wednesday, or I’ll let them haul it away.

And since I had to write this up, I figure what the heck, I’ll post some links for the day, too. Enjoy.

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