2. July, 2004 - Gerry!

Yesterday was some day. There was conference during the day, including plenty of visiting around, and then the Apple Beer Bash in the evening. I still don’t understand why they even bother to pay for a band there, since the goal of the thing is ostensibly to let developers talk to Apple engineers (like Keith, who Explained a number of things), but the volume from the band prevents any sort of normal conversation.

After getting my fill of beer at Apple, I got on the bus and headed back to The City. After arriving, I stopped at the 4th St. Bar & Deli to use their facilities and then get a shot. There was a toilet on the bus, but I seem to have problems peeing when being slammed around a room smaller than the inside of a Miata.

Once that shot was finished, I stumbled back to the Powell and made for bed. But as I was walking through the lobby, I saw the clerk who I liked so much last year and the year before working the desk. Turns out his name is Gerry, and he’s been transferred to the graveyard shift this year, which is why I hadn’t seen him so far. He’s doing well, and we chatted for about ten minutes, catching up on each others’ lives. It pretty much made my week, since I’d had a sort of low-level worry that something had happened to him, but seeing him again made all well with the world again. Gerry, if you happen to read this, once again, you’re a big part of what makes the Powell my hotel of choice in San Francisco.

Well, once again, I find myself verging on the maudlin, so I guess it’s time to get to the links…

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