24. June, 2004 - Who the heck is Odin Soli?

I have been informed that my take on the recent below-average temperatures is completely unreasonable, and that I should trust the National Weather Service, rather than thinking there might be a different temperature in my yard, which is over nine miles away from the weather station. Mea culpa.

It was chilly at the Saints game last night, but the fact that Chas Terni hit two dingers for all three runs the Saints scored, and the fact that it was enough to win the game was pretty spiffy. Plus with an announced 7158 people in a ballpark with an official capacity of 6329, the stands were nearly full.

Last night, I actually slept with the window in my bedroom closed. Not because of the temperature though. Some gal down the block was singing loudly (punctuated by things like demands for another beer and refusals to shut the hell up) as I was trying to go to sleep.

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