23. June, 2004 - schedule change?

I’ve been thinking lately about changing the schedule I use for writing up Dave’s Picks. I’ve been posting seven days a week for quite a while (it was late in March when I last took a weekend off, and that was to go to Toronto), and there are mornings when I just don’t feel like it. So far, I’ve just been skipping a day when it really bugs me (though still posting something or other), but I’m thinking that I might take weekends off entirely through the summer. Maybe that’ll be the kind of break I need to get me writing the longer pieces I like to write.

I’m not positive that weekends are the right time to skip, but I get fewer hits on the weekends, as many of my regular readers know they can catch up on Monday. Then again I get more irregular readers over the weekend. And I know from experience that it’s nice to find updated things on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In any case, I think I’m going to try taking the next few weekends off from doing a fixed daily-update. I might post something longer on those days, or I might shut off the computer on Friday evening and not power it up again until Monday. I guess I’ll figure that out in a few days. But I wanted to mention it ahead of time so folks don’t think I’ve gone missing, so consider this your official “don’t panic” warning if you see me not posting over the weekend.

In other news, I drove the truck out to St. Boni yesterday to pick up the tabs from the dealer. While I was out there, I got Tim to wire up an accesory power connector (a lighter socket) in the back end. Now I can use the powered cooler/warmer if I want. I also got the little lego pieces that you need to put the garage-door-opener into the cool panel in the ceiling that holds it. A little more work organizing the tailgating supplies in the back end of the truck, and I think I’ll feel completely settled into it.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the Camaro yet. I’m torn between spending the money to get it fixed up again and just selling it off and keeping my eyes open for another cool car. I need to get it insured before the 6th of July if I’m not going to sell it off for junk, though.

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