21. June, 2004 - summer

Update 10:14am CDT: SpaceShipOne is on the ground safely. That’s it from me for the day. More tomorrow.

Update 10:06am CDT: They’ve just reported on CNN that Mike Melvill made it to 100km, and will be landing soon. CNN blew the coverage of lighting the torch on SpaceShipOne, and the rocket may have cut out early, but it appears as though they’ll actually cover the landing.

Update 8:49am CDT, White Knight and SpaceshipOne are in the air (their website can’t handle the traffic, but you might be able to get the mostly-text FAQ). Next interesting bit should be about 9:45 or so, when SpaceShipOne separates and fires its engines.

High temps in the 60s in the early part of the week, and a possible low tonight in the mid-40s. Yep. It’s summer all right.

Today’s posts are something of a mix. I’ve got some things on local events during the next week or two, some political stuff, and then what’s hopefully the last Layne followup. Be warned that there will probably me more political stuff coming as the week progresses, too. I’ve got a couple bees that were put in my bonnet over the weekend, and will almost certainly feel the need to write about ’em. You’ve been warned.

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