19. June, 2004 - grumpy

Last night I tried to head out with some friends for drinks and fun. The evening was going okay, but the live music at Keegan’s eventually chased us out. What fun is it trying to talk to friends when you can’t hear anything?

We headed to Tuggs where the live music had just wrapped up, but the waitresses were busy clearing away tables, and didn’t want to leave any tables for a party of seven who’d just spent $200 plus tip and were looking to do the same at another bar.

We eventually settled on Pracna. Expensive drinks, but it was at least quiet enough to talk. Unfortunately, my mood had already gone south, so I didn’t do much talking. Maybe I’m just being a cranky old man, but I think we need to find someplace that doesn’t suck for these kinds of outings, and the places we tried last night did.

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