12. June, 2004 - Ow! My head!

Last night was pretty fun. We started with the tailgating at the Saints game. Got interrupted by rain for a while, which just meant more time for drinkin’ beer. Then it was the ballgame. Post-game I tried to catch Kevin Sullivan (who catches for the Saltdogs) thinking that it was the same Sully who’d played for the Saints in 2002. It ain’t. Which would explain why I didn’t see him post-game.

After getting home from the game (after midnight), my neighbors invited me over for a beer. Seems it’s the 100th day after their grandpa died (well, the father to the guy living next door, but his kids invited me over), and that’s cause for a big to-do in Lao culture. Being who I am, I couldn’t refuse a beer. Or three. Or the plate of spicy bbqed beef. I finally stumbled home about oh-dark-thirty.

This morning, for some reason, I don’t feel quite on top of my game. But that’s okay. I didn’t plan much for today, and I’m pretty sure there’s a nap in my future. Maybe even two.

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