10. June, 2004 - what was that?

How very odd. I woke up this morning, and my throat feels fine again. This without ever even getting to a doctor yesterday, as Now Care never got back to me with a referral to an ENT. I got numbers for three different clinics from a physicial referral hotline last night, and while I wait for them to open this morning, I find myself wondering whether I should schedule an appointment or not. Well, I’m here because I had a sore throat. But it’s gone now. But it came back before and I’m worried it will again. No, really. Argh.

Then again, maybe actually getting a reasonable amount of sleep yesterday had something to do with feeling better. After getting the bare minimum amount of work done that I needed to, I ate a late lunch and crashed on the couch for a nap. I slept for almost four hours, which is much longer than the half-hour to forty-five minutes I usually nap. Then, after mowing the front yard portion of the lawn, moving all the tailgating supplies from the Camaro to the Blazer, and having a couple nuclear burritos for dinner, I got a good solid six hours of sleep last night. I dunno. Maybe that’s what my body needed. Well, maybe not the burritos.

Looking at today’s weather forecast (I really like the experimental graphical forecasts from NOAA, by the way), it looks like a good day to get some more paying work done indoors, maybe a trip to a specialist to confirm that I’m insane (or maybe that there actually is something I’m sick with), and if the weather is nicer than predicted, maybe I can pull some of the clover, violets, and elm seedlings out of the garden so the garlic and onions can grow undisturbed. There’s been plenty of rain, so I haven’t had to water things, but that also means that the weeds have been growing quite vigorously, too. Oh well, the weeds give the bunnies something to eat other than the tomato and pepper plants.

And if I’m super-motivated, I’ll probably even put the new plates on the Camaro (they arrived just after I mashed it up, as did the bill for the next-to-last round of repairs I did on it in mid-May. D’Ohh!). It’s now sitting outside, and I suppose I should have current plates and tabs on it. I need to decide what to do with it, too. Anyone know what ever happened to Dennis/Gizmo? Or someone else who knows how to do quality body-work on a car but will do it on a as I can afford the parts and labor basis? I think my ideal would be to drop the car off with someone, pay a few hundred a month towards parts and labor, and eventually get a happy car back in return. I know I can’t afford to get everything fixed at once, but I also don’t want to put it off forever, since that will lead to me deciding to just sell the car for whatever I can get for it. Anyway, if you know someone who might be willing to help make it back into a bitchin’ Camaro, send in the info. Or if you’re someone who wants to buy it so you can fix it up nice and pretty…

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