8. June, 2004 - hot hot hot

Yesterday the Twin Cities set temperature record of 95. Oof. My thermometer here said that it peaked at 98, with the inside temperature getting up to 85 when the outside temp had also dropped to 85 and I opened the windows for the night and then laid in bed trying to sleep. It only got down to 80 inside overnight (72 outside), but hopefully tomorrow it’ll cool off enough that I can set up the air conditioner (and get some sleep tonight). Today I’ll either be enjoying the post-storm cool (if we get any) or finding someone else’s cool air.

It was funny watching the local news last night, too. All the newscasters were making a big deal about getting our first taste of summer. Apparently they can’t remember April, when we hit 90 degrees. That’s a taste of summer in my book.

As for the air-conditioning saga, I think I’ve figured out where it’s going, and it’s going to be plugged into an ungrounded outlet. I’ll stick a cheater on it, and to heck with safety. Now I just need to get up the energy to haul the machine in from the garage. Well, I also need to either buy a second air conditioner for the bedroom upstairs or buy a cot for the basement, too. A guy needs a place to sleep without having to hang the sheets up to dry in the morning.

I also noticed yesterday that most of the gals in the area were wearing far less than usual. Sadly, my street doesn’t get much foot-traffic, so I didn’t get to laze about appreciating the parade like I used to at my old house. Then again, I also don’t get the night-time parade of drunks pissing outside my window, so I guess I can live with the trade-off.

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