7. June, 2004 - A/C time

After a weekend that turned out to be mostly slacking, I find myself with a large to-do list again this morning. About half the list is stuff I should have gotten done over the weekend, but didn’t. Topping that part of the list is setting up the air conditioner. It’s supposed to get up to 88F today (31C), and that’s the kind of weather that really wants conditioned air. The problem is that the windows nearest my office area are not near grounded outlets, which I need to plug in the A/C. I’m not sure whether I’m going to rewire an outlet or put the A/C somewhere else and try to push the cool air around with a fan, but I need to decide pretty soon.

I also realize that there are a couple light fixtures that could use ceiling fans. I thought about this back when I was thinking of interior projects to work on, but installing ceiling fans once the weather has already gotten hot is miserable work. Oh, and I haven’t bought a step-ladder yet, either. At least I have a truck to haul such things in now. Maybe that’ll be an evening project.

I think this hot weather is just what I need. I had decided that I was done with interior projects for the summer, and was going to concentrate on outside work around the house, but I was conveniently leaving a few projects off the list, and now I’ve got some impetus to get them done (hopefully before the day heats up too much). I’ve a feeling this is a lot better than leaving them until it gets even hotter.

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