5. June, 2004 - truck!

head shot
head shot

I wrote yesterday about picking a car, and Dan Lyke pointed out that The thing to remember about driving a Subaru: Lesbians get the chicks. That’s a good point, Dan, but I wonder what kind of chicks it would get me.

In any case, I ended up going with the Blazer. More ground clearance for getting through snow on the way to mom’s in the winter, more hauling capacity for projects around the house and tailgating, and as I think about it, my desire for a wagon was based on wanting one car to do everything. If I keep the Camaro and fix it up as time and money permit, I don’t need a compromise. As Jim said, You had conflicting needs and went with the most practical thing for what you needed.

side view
side view

It’s not a perfect vehicle. I suspect the gas mileage isn’t as good as I’d like (the factory numbers for the 2004 are 15/19, and mine’s a 2001, so it might be even worse), though I’ll find out for sure later in the weekend when I drive up to mom’s. The center of gravity is higher than I like, and it’s going to take me a while to quit trying to throttle through corners (on the Camaro, if done correctly, powering through the corner makes the car dig-in and corner better, on the Blazer, it makes it feel like it’s going to roll over). But I’m relatively sure I won’t end up actively hating it, and that’s good enough for me.

Oh, and it sure is purty. The biggest remaining worry I have is that now that I have a truck, I’m going to be spending weekends helping people haul stuff instead of napping on the couch. Oh well, as long as they have the traditional payment for such work on hand, I guess that’s okay.

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