3. June, 2004 - more car stuff

Well, the sore throat has the doctor stumped. She thought for a while it might be Infectious Mononucleosis (which made me wonder who I’d smooched in the past month, and I came up with the slightly depressing answer of not one person), but the test came back negative. The best guess at this point is that I’ve got a low-level allergic reaction to the grass mold that’s been going nuts with all the rain, and that’s had my sinuses draining down my throat. Dunno. I’ve got some Nasonex [warning, noisy] which may help with that, and we’ll see. If it doesn’t go away in another week or so, it’s off to a specialist. Fun. Or not.

As for the car, I’ve decided I want something that I can haul a little bit of stuff in (mostly my trike, but also odds and ends for around the house) without being a truck or a minivan, and while still being at least a little fun to drive (yes, I know I’m looking for a fun station-wagon – anyone know where I can find a 1973 Chevy Chevelle SS Wagon or a Rambler Cross Country, or others from this gallery?), and fitting into my garage (which means no more than 17 feet long). So yesterday I went out and looked at a Dodge Magnum and a Chevy Malibu Maxx. Then I looked at a 1987 Chevy El Camino. Frankly, the last is the most appealing, even if there’s some stigma attached to the car (though to be honest, little more than driving a Camaro). As for the Magnum, it’s hard to say. Something about the actual thing left me cold (and not just the thirty-grand pricetag for the RT — that actually seemed reasonable when compared to the prices for other cars). The Malibu Maxx is nice enough, with a body by Saab, but it’s front-wheel drive, which I still don’t like. It would feel like settling, I think, and I just can’t see dropping twenty-thousand on one. There’s also a 1957 Ford Sedan Delivery I see on CarSoup that makes me pretty wiggly, but I’m pretty sure it’s too big for my garage, being over two feet longer than my Camaro is.

I’m going to call a high-school classmate whose family has an auto delaership today and see if there’s anything he’s got, too, plus stop back and take the ’87 El Camino for a spin and decide if I think it’s worth $6,000 (Edmunds says $4,800 if it’s in nearly mint condition). I think I might go look at some of the Subaru wagons, too.

Oh, and I managed to mow the lawn yesterday, too. Now there’s a bunch of clumps of grass scattered around that I should probably rake up, but at least I’m no longer living in a jungle.

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