1. June, 2004 - resetting

Update 2pm: Crud. It’s a virtual Monday alright. On the way home from a client’s office, I rear-ended a minivan that suddenly jammed on its brakes in an intersection. Everyone’s okay, and the minivan is fine. My car has the nose pushed in two or three inches and has some indeterminate other problems (though it is still drivable). I guess I don’t need to worry about whether to fix the rust on the car or get a new one anymore. This one’s pretty much toast.

Here it is, Tuesday. The Saints are out of town for over a week, and it’s time to focus on other stuff for a while and catch up on things around the house. The ear infection I kicked before the home-stand started is still gone, but the sore throat that accompanied it is still around. Not worse, but not better, either. I think I’m going to have to head over to the doctor sometime soon and see if they have a magic elixir to make it better. I’m mostly fine except when I’m trying to swallow, and then it hurts. Ugh.

As for the Saints, they split another four-game-series, splitting yesterday’s games. The first game was won with an eighth-inning hit (both games were scheduled for seven innings), but the second game was a 13-2 blowout, and the Saints only got on the board in the sixth with a dinger by T. Brown. I would have preferred the games going the other way, so we could have left on a more positive note, but the fade-out in the second game matched the weather for the weekend pretty well. Dreary. On top of that, my date for the day stood me up, and I didn’t find out she wasn’t coming until after I’d missed my chance to cook breakfast in the parking lot, and mere minutes before the national anthem. Strangely, that didn’t make me grumpy.

I’ve got a pretty big to-do list again today, which includes spending the afternoon waiting around the house for the guy from Minnegasco to fix my dryer again. It works some of the time, but sometimes the fire just won’t light, and it just spins the clothes around for hours without actually doing any drying. The only way to tell is to pull the panel off the front of the machine and look to see if there’s a blue flame or not, which doesn’t seem quite right. It’s also pretty frustrating, since I’ve had an awful lot of wet clothes around the house after sitting outside in the rain for those ball-games. I don’t suppose that might have anything to with the sore throat not getting better, eh?

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