28. May, 2004 - Only 7 more days to the weekend!

One of the things I noticed this morning is that I haven’t even turned on the TV all week. I’ve noticed that the TiVo’s red “I’m recording something for you” light is on a few times, and idly wondered what’s getting added to the hard drive, but I haven’t been curious enough to even turn on the TV to see what’s piled up. I expect that when the Saints home-stand is done, I’ll spend a few evenings just deleting things and “thumbs-down”ing the misfires in the suggestions, and then a few more watching the various things that got recorded. But I think a real good measure of how much is going on in my life is how many hours of TV I look at, and this week, it’s been zero.

Last night’s Saints game looked like it was going to be another loss, as TC had a rough start, but then in the bottom of the sixth, the Saints caught fire. Ten runs, and a half-inning that stretched almost 45 minutes. Wow! Julio Perez and Chriz Chavez combined to keep the fish off the board after that. Fun game!

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