27. May, 2004 - busy week

It’s been a busy week so far this week (which I expected), and it’s showing no sign of letting up. So far this week, I’ve been to three Saints games; had my ex-co-worker Mark in town looking for a place to live when he takes his new job here next month; had lunch with Karl; done a little programming; dealt with three different clients on work on new websites; and read a book.

It doesn’t get any slower over the upcoming weekend. There are more ballgames to attend, more work to be done, lunch with Mom, and I need to help Mark coordinate getting his truck into storage and himself to the airport.

I’m not complaining about being busy. Hell, it’s been a lot of fun so far this week, even if the Saints have lost two of three, and the weather wasn’t very cooperative earlier in the week. It’s been a good kind of busy. But I can feel myself running out of energy, and the time I would have normally spent yesterday afternoon digging up a few more links to fill things out today got spent in an involutary nap. I expect I’ll be similarly short on links over the next few days.

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