24. May, 2004 - the police are your friends, right?

On the personal front, yesterday was spent at home, reading. Mostly the web. Mostly Maciej Ceglowski’s Idle Words, once I calmed down after reading about the police bruatility. He’s a good writer, and runs the NITLE Weblog Census, which is an interesting project. Anyway, if you’re looking for seomthing to add to the list for a periodic read, you could do worse than Idle Words.

One of the spiffy things at Idle Words is Bolsheviks in the White House, an interview, originally done in French, then translated into Polish, and thence to English, with Daniel Cohn, a Green MEP. Cohn believed (the interview was done in early 2003) that the inflexible ideology of the White House is a big problem.

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