22. May, 2004 - moist

More rain in the forecast for today, and the grey weather is definitely having an impact on my weekend. I’m feeling lazy and lethargic and not at all motivated to tackle the fairly large number of chores on my to-do list. Plus I’ve got a bunch of books I’ve bought (or had bought for me) lately. I have a feeling I may just spend the day lazing on the couch and reading.

Yesterday I ordered some window film (I got the “Translucent Rice Paper”) for my bedroom windows. I think it’ll be better than the mini-blinds that are currently there, since I can put it on just the bottom half of the windows upstairs and get some privacy, while letting through more light. Of course due to some bad math, I ordered twice as much as I actually need, so once it arrives, I’ll probably have a couple square yards of it to sell. If you’re interested…

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