21. May, 2004 - busy week, busy weekend

Argh. Once again I’ve got the my editor ate today’s post excuse. I’ve recreated most of the post, but dangit, this is getting pretty old. As soon as my fingers do the sequence that will crash the app, I know it and start cursing, because even though I can see the file with the data that’s going to be lost sitting there taunting me for five or ten seconds on-screen, there’s nothing I can do to save it before the app will crash. Most frustrating.

Today marks another day of being busy with work, but I’m hoping that I’ll wrap things up relatively early in the day. I was hoping to spend the afternoon out in the back yard, digging up some sod and planting some flowers, but the forecast looks like rain. Instead, I’ve got a bunch of inside stuff I can do.

This weekend is going to be busy, too. A friend’s 50th birthday party is tomorrow, and another friend’s we’re leaving town party is on Sunday. Plus I’ve gotta get up to visit Mom sometime. And I need to start shopping for groceries for the upcoming Saints home-stand. Ah well, at least I won’t be bored.

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