19. May, 2004 - busy

I’m getting back into the swing today in a big way. I’ve got a bunch of work to do for one client, a proposal to write for another client before the end of the day, a website where I need to inform the client that there’s more to the job than I initially thought, and yet another client who finally got back to us with feedback so they’re ready for an updated design for their website.

The auto-shop just called about my car, which is ready for me to pick up. The sidewalk guy is supposed to be here this morning to start tearing out the old sidewalk (though I’m suspecting that he’ll put that off for a day or two, since he hasn’t called yet). And the City Assessor is going to drop by later this morning to take a look at my house with an eye towards correcting the valuation of it on the city’s books.

And that’s just the before lunch things. Then again, with the almost-certain increase in property taxes on the way, I guess being busy is a good thing… Right?

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