17. May, 2004 - prioritizing

Well, here it is, another Monday. I’m supposed to be getting back to work for the week (after missing most of last week), but I’m still feeling oogly from the ear-infection. It’s down to a low-grade oogly, but I’m definitely not at 100% and have been running out of gas fairly early in the day. There’s a lot to be done, but one of the things I’ve gotten better at in the past week is prioritizing things so I have a list in the morning of the things that absolutely positively need to be done (which I’ve been managing to complete) and the longer list of stuff I should do, but the world won’t end if I don’t get to it today. I think that’s a useful exercise in general, but it’s especially handy right now.

On a somewhat related tangent, I had a thought the other day:

The way to determine if what you’re doing is what you want to be when you grow up is to take a couple months off and do something else. If you’re hungry to get back to it after your break, it’s the right gig for you. If not, maybe you should be looking for something else…

Yeah, it’s not easy to take a couple months off from your job, but even a week or two can give you an indication. Besides, if you’re questioning whether you’re in the right line of work, isn’t it worth figuring out a way to get a couple months off, if the risk is spending the rest of your life in a job you don’t really want to be doing?

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