16. May, 2004 - tired

Two Saints games yesterday. Good time, and I’ve had plenty of sleep, but I’m just tired at this point (it’s a good kind of tired, though). I’m going to take it easy today, rather than diving into some project out in the yard (that’ll be getting my attention later in the week, when the sidewalk guys show up). My ear-infection probably wasn’t helped by sitting outside all day yesterday (it’s back to feeling like that ear is completely packed with cotton), but I enjoyed the day out, and had good company for the duration. Thanks, Jenny! I also got to see one of the five couples who split the seats to the right of me for the first time this season – Art & Emily showed up for their first game. They’re some more of the people that I only see during the Saints season, but I like seeing them and gabbing with them during the game.

Art & Emily are expecting another kid before the end of the season, too (in August). That got me thinking again about how long I’ve been going to Saints games and the people I’ve met there. There are a lot of kids who’ve grown up while I watched. While I definitely like the baseball at Saints games, there’s a community out there in the ballpark that’s at least as important as the baseball to me, and I can’t see going to enough games in the Dome to build that kind of feeling at Twins games. That’s a big part of why I prefer the Saints, I think.

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