6. May, 2004 - baseball? soon!

I’m starting to get excited about the Saints season starting. After eleven years of going to games, there’s a real community of folks there that I generally only see during the baseball season, and it’s something I look forward to every year. But this year, I’m wondering about just how busy my summer is going to be.

I’ve been trying to plan for the summer. As Evan points out, the tech market is picking up and that’s meant more calls from people wanting me to do work for them (I’ve got four jobs in stages between the initial contact and actually signing up to do the work, plus all the work I’m already committed to do over the summer). On top of that, I’ve now got a house to maintain, a lawn to mow, and a garden to tend. My normal plan for the year is to put in extra hours over the winter so I can take more time off between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but this year my winter was occupied with moving in and with home improvement projects.

I’m not trying to complain, but it’s a challenge juggling all these things right now. It brings on days like yesterday where I lost a big chunk of the day because I didn’t buy allergy drugs until I was a sneezing, snotty mess, and then had to wait for them to have any effect. I’m not sure how the summer’s going to play out, but I expect I’m going to disappoint someone who was expecting me to jump at some work this summer.

On the home front, I mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday evening with my new lawnmower. There are some details I’m going to want to change about the yard, I think. There are too many small patches of grass, separated by narrow strips of lawn. It makes my small lawn feel a lot bigger than it actually is. I think the longest straight-line shot I get to make with the lawnmower is about 28 feet, which is barely time to get moving before I have to turn around again. The slope in the front yard down to the sidewalk wants to be terraced and planted with something I don’t have to mow. I’m improving things a little by turning the one patch of garden back into lawn, but I think I’ll be wanting more changes. I just haven’t figured out what all of them are yet.

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