5. May, 2004 - Saints training camp opens

The Saints cancelled their midnight-madness training-camp opening last night, and things get going today. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it over there or not. I’ve got work to do, plus the lawn has gotten to the point that I need to mow it pretty soon, or it’s going to be a lost cause. And I woke up this morning with my head completely stubbed ub. I guess that means allergy season is here for real and I have to get to the store to stock up on various drugs. Ugh.

Yesterday had some good fun. My ex-co-worker from Apple, Mark was in town and we ran around during the afternoon as I showed him some areas of the Twin Cities. He’s interviewing for a job over in Hudson, so we ventured into the suburbs east of St. Paul and then wound our way back along the river, culminating in dinner down at Tuggs. As we were sitting outside, I got tapped on the shoulder, and who should be down checking things out but my old boss, Larry Lukis, who was investigating the Segway rental office down in St. Anthony Main which is run by another ex-co-worker, Bill Neuenschwander.

I generally have a fun time playing tour-guide around Minneapolis, and chance meetings like the one with Larry yesterday make it even more fun. And we got to talk about the 3-D lithography stuff that Larry’s making a business out of, which was cool. Apparently they’re doing real well, and I found out about another ex-LM person that Larry just hired.

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