4. May, 2004 - busy-tired

I’ve been alternately busy and exhausted lately. Friday was busy. Saturday was a day of rest. Sunday was busy (there was the party where many of us fans picked up our season tickets for the Saints, followed by various bars with old friends I haven’t seen for too long). Yesterday was pretty lazy. I looked at a bunch of work, but I’m mostly tracking down bugs at this point, and just wasn’t seeing the clues that would lead me to the real problems. It’s the kind of work that requires some sharpness, and I was having an off-day.

Today, busy again. I’ve got a friend from Apple who’s in town today and tomorrow for a job interview, and I plan to spend some time showing him around town. Then there’s a group of ex-cow-orkers who are meeting for dinner and drinks this evening (and can hopefully provide him with any advice about Minneapolis that I forget). And I’ve got the work that I should have gotten done yesterday to think about, too.

On the home-front, I think I’m starting to wind down on the major work around here. It’s lawn-mowing and baseball season soon, and I’ve also realized that I’ve spent a lot of money on projects already and need to be more careful with the budget. On top of that, the sidewalk contractor who was going to put in my new sidewalk this week (or so I thought) hasn’t gotten back to me to schedule the work, and I realized that I didn’t really care. I’d like to have the new sidewalk and patio done, but I just can’t get excited about spending the money to do it at this point. Maybe in the fall…

I’m hoping I can find the energy to get my bedroom painted so I can put in the carpeting and move in there, and I’d like to start the work on the kitchen, since both of those are relatively low-cost projects that just take time to finish (aside from having to buy the carpeting, but that will fit in the budget as long as I don’t get too fancy), but I think that’s probably going to be about it until fall.

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