April 2004 full listing

30. April, 2004 - nothing to see

Update, 12:45pm

It’s not that I’m depressed or busy or anything horribly noteworthy today. I just don’t have anything worth linking to. Sorry. Seeya next month.

29. April, 2004 - baseball!
28. April, 2004 - a hot one

The weather people have been saying it’s supposed to be in the 80s today, followed by possible snow this weekend. Completely nutty weather around here lately, and I noticed yesterday that it isn’t doing the hops I put outside much good. While some of the longer vines have died back, there’s new growth replacing them already, so I figure they’ll probably be okay, but they definitely look worse for the wear. And with the warm temps, I’ll probably be tempted to head outside and put more plants out too early, but I think I’ll be able to resist today. I’ve got a bunch of work that needs doing, and I expect that will keep me occupied.

27. April, 2004 - I am tardy

Last night was a night of many beers at the Sporty. Scott and Kat had invited me out, and who was I to say no? The end result was that I was running late this morning, and didn’t get around to posting this until well into the afternoon.

Also on the way home last night, I got to see the neighborhood skunk. I said “Hello” and it boogied. That’s about how interactions with skunks should go.

26. April, 2004 - That’s a Northern Flicker!

Well, the weekend didn’t turn out to be a total loss, but once again, I entered the weekend with grand plans, and find myself on a Monday morning with quite a to-do list remaining. It’s not all bad, though. A couple of the things I left un-done are normal administrivia tasks that I generally do on Monday mornings, anyhow. There’s just a little more than usual on today’s list.

25. April, 2004 - lazy Saturday means busy Sunday
24. April, 2004 - the weekend

Yesterday was another busy day. I got word back on the storm damage that had hit my mom’s house last sunday. The insurance adjuster had been by, and he agreed that the damage to the vinyl siding was minimal, but pointed out that it would be impossible to match the old siding with anything new, so they’ll need to reside the whole house. This means more headaches. I keep thinking that my initial idea of just patching it with duct tape (which is actually a pretty close color-match) sounds better every day.

After getting back from mom’s, I put in a few hours of paying work. Much of it involved merging changes I’ve been making with other people’s work, so I had long spells while I was waiting for the computer to finish recompiling the code. That meant I had time to get a few other things done at the same time. I like it when that sort of thing happens. I end up feeling much more productive when I can actually finish two or three small tasks while waiting for a compile.

Then it was time to head over to Dinkytown. I was meeting Gordon at the Onion to talk baseball and cluing him into what kinds of things he would need to do in order to sell some 1968 and 1969 baseball cards on eBay. He’s still got to check with a couple local dealers, too. We also got to talk ball a bit, and I gave him an early birthday present of Bombers ISBN:0609608959 (his birthday isn’t until May 8, but I see him infrequently enough that it seemed the right time to drop off the present). It’s pretty cool being able to make someone that happy.

And what does the weekend hold? Well, there’s probably some more work that needs doing (if nothing else, I need to check in the changes that I finished up yesterday afternoon), plus bills to pay, papers to be filed, and bedroom carpeting to be found. It may rain later in the day, so I shouldn’t be tempted to work on stuff in the yard. Heck, if things work out great, maybe I’ll find carpeting today and can start painting the bedroom tomorrow, but I’m not going to plan on the weekend going that well. It would be cool if it did, though.

23. April, 2004 - don’t trust your eyes

It’s another morning where I overslept. I was up late reading again. This has actually been kind of fun. I’ve got a decent fiction book that I’ve been pouring most of my spare time (and some not-so-spare time) into. It’s not a great book, but it’s unrelated to anything I’m doing for work, and is, as they say, a page-turner. Beats the hell out of watching the tube. I think that even though I’ve got a stack of almost a dozen books in my “to-read” pile, I’m going to try and stock up on more brain-candy fiction. The other things in the pile are things I think I ought to read, and I need more things that are just fun to read in the mix.

22. April, 2004 - signs of spring

Yeah, I know I was late with this morning’s update. Sorry about that, but after going out for dinner and beers last evening, I stayed up late reading and then I overslept this morning.

21. April, 2004 - Feh! on the NRA

Sorry there’s not more today, but I’m still trying to catch up from Monday, and there’s not a lot in the news that’s grabbing my attention. What there is just riles me up, as you can see.

There is one additional thing. I’ve got a new bird in my backyard that I don’t know what it is. It looks kinda like a woodpecker (beak and body-shape), is about the size of the common grackles, though a bit thicker in the body, and is mostly grey with a red band across the back of its head, a black throat, and a white patch near its tail that’s hidden by its wings unless it’s flying. Any ideas what it might be? Send ’em in, please.

20. April, 2004 - let’s try this again

Yesterday… Well, my plans for the day were to spend the day working on actual work. I’m falling behind again, and need to do some catching up, so the plan was to tear into it about 9am and get lots done during the day.

Then about 8:45 I got a call from Mom. She’d had some storm damage to the house, and wanted me to come up and deal with calling the insurance company and getting the claim filed. It’s the kind of thing that I don’t mind doing, but it threw my whole day for a loop.

On the way up there, I stopped and did a couple errands. That burned another hour. And then it turns out that the storm damage was just a few holes in the vinyl siding that I probably would have just fixed with duct tape and then never gotten around to fixing “correctly” (sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have bought a trailer instead of a real house). Anyway, after calling in the report and eating lunch, I headed home, and got a few more errands done on the way home.

It was about 2pm by the time I was thinking of going back to work, and I was exhausted, more emotionally than anything else, since this is all the kind of thing that mom would have taken care of herself a year or two ago. So I took a nap. That stretched until 5pm, when it was time for dinner. Not a bad day if it had been a weekend, but the grand plans to have a productive day turned out to be nothing but a pipe-dream.

So today’s plan is to try again. Wish me luck.

19. April, 2004 - aftermath
18. April, 2004 - tired Sunday

I’m tired this morning. Not the I should have slept longer kind of tired, but rather a more physical, muscle-aching kind of tired that I don’t get too often, what with spending most of my working time at a desk. I spent yesterday afternoon rearranging my yard. I moved the trellis that arches over the front sidewalk a bit so I could plant my hops next to it. I planted those hops, moving the piece of sod I cut loose to the hole left where I pulled out one of the clothesline poles a couple weeks ago. I trimmed a bunch of a dead shrub out of the chain-link fence (I would have tried to finish the job, but the shears I was using broke). I tore out the edging on one of the garden spaces the previous owners left for me (it’s going to get peonies and grass, I think). I planted onions and garlic in the other garden (making it about half-full). And then I sat on the lawn and watched the birds play in the sprinkler while quaffing a couple beers.

It was the kind of afternoon that’s fairly satisfying. None of the changes are huge, but they all aim at making the house feel more like home, and will hopefully make it a more pleasant place this summer. This afternoon I hope to plant the peonies, but if I get rained out, I’ve got inside work to do, too. There’s still a section of kitchen wall that needs to be replastered, and there’s a bigger section that needs a good scrubbing before I repaint it. I need to replace the light fixture in the bedroom I’m going to move into one of these months, and I want to put a thermometer with an outdoor sensor in the bathroom so I can look at it in the morning and figure out what kind of day it’s going to be. There’s also a bunch of stuff in the basement that I either need to figure out a use for or throw away, and the big pieces of wood that were the edging for the garden I removed that probably need to be cut into smaller pieces so the trash-man will take ’em. Then again, maybe they’re the kind of thing that one of the neighbors will want, and I won’t have to worry about it.

But I’m tired enough, and feel enough of a sense of accomplishment that if I just spend the afternoon watching TV, I’ll still figure it was a productive weekend.

17. April, 2004 - lighter fare
16. April, 2004 - It’s about time for a weekend

I could go on and on, but the basic theme for this week was distractions from the work that pays the bills. It won’t end with the weekend, but hopefully I’ll at least be able to ignore things for a few hours over the next couple days. Yes. It’s a Very Grumpy Morning.

The biggest frustration this week has been dealing with the headaches of the Adhoc website. I can reliably generate the content or manage the website. Trying to do both is Just Not Working. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m probably not even going to go to the @#$% conference at this point. But after spending a few extra hours working on the website every morning this week, I feel just as tired as I do after the conference anyhow.

Mostly I just need to remind myself to never volunteer to run a website for anyone for free ever again. No matter what kind of goodwill comes out of the deal, it just isn’t worth it.

15. April, 2004 - tax day?

I’m not trying to rub anyone’s nose in anything, but I nearly forgot the significance of today. I have to file my corporate taxes by March 15th, so I usually complete my personal taxes by then, too. I spend April thinking about other things. So there won’t be much here about taxes today. Maybe that’s a good thing.

14. April, 2004 - the strike may be done
13. April, 2004 - stopping to think

Just to recap, the weekend was mostly concerned with sloth. I got a few things done, but nothing like what I’d wanted to, and I was horribly lazy most of the time. Yesterday, I was busy tying up loose ends from the weekend, plus catching up on correspondence for work, and basically trying to finish a bunch of things I’d started over the previous few weeks. I think I was relatively successful, and by the time evening rolled around, I had time to kick back and think about things a little. That’s a very good feeling, especially if I can sustain it for a while.

12. April, 2004 - Next up, Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Easter, and in spite of the dire predictions of snow from the weather forecasters, it was a pretty nice April day. Plenty of sunshine, and only a little snow-shower shortly after noon. I went up to mom’s thinking we were going out for dinner, but when I got there, mom had stuff cooking. A last-minute change of plans. That happens more often with mom lately.

We’re past the last of the holidays where you can expect snow now (at least in a normal year in Minnesota – there’s always the chance of that freak snow for July 4th). The next holiday on the calendar is Mother’s Day, and we’re genuinely in spring by then. My trike is tuned up and mostly ready to ride for the season, and it’s only due to a full schedule mixed with evenings of complete torpor that I haven’t gotten out for a ride yet. The weather’s been fine for riding, especially as I put on almost no miles last summer, and need to get back in shape. That’s a lot easier when the days are cool, and I can go for a ride without having to worry about coming home all sweaty. And it’s still too early to start planting much outside yet, so I really should get some miles in now. Hopefully this week. Maybe this afternoon.

11. April, 2004 - Happy Easter
10. April, 2004 - pretty table
the poker table
the poker table
9. April, 2004 - more transit strike linkage

I’m moving a little slow this morning. Yesterday Jim & I moved the top of the old glass-topped table out of the dining room and into the garage, making room for the new dining room/poker table that’s to be delivered this morning. Then we headed to the Sportie for steak dinners (a deal at $3.99) and beers. I ended up hanging out and talking to various folks through the evening (including getting hugs from a couple different cute gals) and found myself walking home at 2am. Oops. Oh well, it was a good evening out. Gotta remember to do that once in a while.

8. April, 2004 - transit day

Yesterday I had some links to things about the transit strike, but didn't post them. I thought they needed more commentary and took a little extra time to work on that. So today, there's nothing but transit stuff. Sorry if that doesn't interest you.

7. April, 2004 - Peep Week continues

The busy week continues, too. Aside from the various work-stuff, and long-running non-work, non-paying stuff, I’m also starting to get quotes for replacing the old, uneven sidewalk at my house with a new one. It’s not something I have to do right this instant, but I’d like to have it done before next winter, since shoveling the current sidewalk means about two feet of progress, followed by jamming the shovel into edge of the next chunk of sidewalk. Jarring. Besides, I’ve promised myself that part of the deal for a new sidewalk is a patio so I have a place to set the grill this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some griping about contractors that’s going to come with the deal, but if I’m ever going to start hosting Friday-night “bring your own meat” barbecues again, I’m going to need a place for the grill.

6. April, 2004 - Peep Week!

I often live in something of a time-bubble. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the day of the month, other than noticing when it’s the first or the fifteenth, and I need to send invoices off to customers, but there are external reminders that hit me sometimes. This week, I got reminded that Easter is almost here by a comic.

Also a reminder to people who read this site from Windows boxes who will crash if I have a link starting on the drop-capped letter. If that happens to you, drop me an email with the time and date that you crashed, and I’ll fix the problem. I’ve been making sure to start the links after the drop-cap lately, but it’s easy to forget, so if it happens to you…

5. April, 2004 - another monday

And the start of another week of the grind. I’m really not looking forward to this week, but what are you gonna do? I was pretty seriously “offline” yesterday. After a very busy Saturday, I spent much of Sunday napping and generally avoiding life. I didn’t even make it outside to fill the bird feeder.

4. April, 2004 - spring ahead, fall down

…or at least that’s what I did. Sorry. No linky goodness today. I’m taking the day off.

3. April, 2004 - busy day

Today’s shaping up to be a very busy day for me. I kinda knew it was going to be, but I had some hope yesterday that I’d finished up on a project I’ve been working on for what seems like forever, and I’d be free to deal with stuff on the personal side more. As it turns out, that’s not the case, and I’ve got a full load both on the personal side, as well as the business side of life. Not really complaining, since much of what I have to do today will end up being paying work, but it looks as though my planned helpings of fun may be cut back a bit. Sigh.

The plans for the day include: update web-pages for the old neighborhood; find and fix a bug or two for a programming client; update the ADHOC website so it uses templates for the page rendering; write up the problem I’ve been having with my VPN hardware; and write up the vacation in Toronto before I forget all about it. Oh yeah, and on the fun side, there’s a gathering of Saints fans for the single-game ticket sales, and the regular monthly poker game.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m doing this update via vi because there’s something whacky with my machine that’s keeping me from SFTPing things back and forth in BBEdit. Gotta figure that out before much longer, especially since I need to use it to do the website updates I mentioned above.

2. April, 2004 - Happy Birthday, Tim!
1. April, 2004 - no foolin’

Once again I’m late with the posting for the day. Not to worry, but this week when I haven’t been busy with work, checking on my mom, or trying to reply to emails, I’ve been sleeping. I took a little break last night and just sat at the Sporty gabbing with people, and then slept late this morning.

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