24. April, 2004 - the weekend

Yesterday was another busy day. I got word back on the storm damage that had hit my mom’s house last sunday. The insurance adjuster had been by, and he agreed that the damage to the vinyl siding was minimal, but pointed out that it would be impossible to match the old siding with anything new, so they’ll need to reside the whole house. This means more headaches. I keep thinking that my initial idea of just patching it with duct tape (which is actually a pretty close color-match) sounds better every day.

After getting back from mom’s, I put in a few hours of paying work. Much of it involved merging changes I’ve been making with other people’s work, so I had long spells while I was waiting for the computer to finish recompiling the code. That meant I had time to get a few other things done at the same time. I like it when that sort of thing happens. I end up feeling much more productive when I can actually finish two or three small tasks while waiting for a compile.

Then it was time to head over to Dinkytown. I was meeting Gordon at the Onion to talk baseball and cluing him into what kinds of things he would need to do in order to sell some 1968 and 1969 baseball cards on eBay. He’s still got to check with a couple local dealers, too. We also got to talk ball a bit, and I gave him an early birthday present of Bombers ISBN:0609608959 (his birthday isn’t until May 8, but I see him infrequently enough that it seemed the right time to drop off the present). It’s pretty cool being able to make someone that happy.

And what does the weekend hold? Well, there’s probably some more work that needs doing (if nothing else, I need to check in the changes that I finished up yesterday afternoon), plus bills to pay, papers to be filed, and bedroom carpeting to be found. It may rain later in the day, so I shouldn’t be tempted to work on stuff in the yard. Heck, if things work out great, maybe I’ll find carpeting today and can start painting the bedroom tomorrow, but I’m not going to plan on the weekend going that well. It would be cool if it did, though.

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