20. April, 2004 - let’s try this again

Yesterday… Well, my plans for the day were to spend the day working on actual work. I’m falling behind again, and need to do some catching up, so the plan was to tear into it about 9am and get lots done during the day.

Then about 8:45 I got a call from Mom. She’d had some storm damage to the house, and wanted me to come up and deal with calling the insurance company and getting the claim filed. It’s the kind of thing that I don’t mind doing, but it threw my whole day for a loop.

On the way up there, I stopped and did a couple errands. That burned another hour. And then it turns out that the storm damage was just a few holes in the vinyl siding that I probably would have just fixed with duct tape and then never gotten around to fixing “correctly” (sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have bought a trailer instead of a real house). Anyway, after calling in the report and eating lunch, I headed home, and got a few more errands done on the way home.

It was about 2pm by the time I was thinking of going back to work, and I was exhausted, more emotionally than anything else, since this is all the kind of thing that mom would have taken care of herself a year or two ago. So I took a nap. That stretched until 5pm, when it was time for dinner. Not a bad day if it had been a weekend, but the grand plans to have a productive day turned out to be nothing but a pipe-dream.

So today’s plan is to try again. Wish me luck.

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