12. April, 2004 - Next up, Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Easter, and in spite of the dire predictions of snow from the weather forecasters, it was a pretty nice April day. Plenty of sunshine, and only a little snow-shower shortly after noon. I went up to mom’s thinking we were going out for dinner, but when I got there, mom had stuff cooking. A last-minute change of plans. That happens more often with mom lately.

We’re past the last of the holidays where you can expect snow now (at least in a normal year in Minnesota – there’s always the chance of that freak snow for July 4th). The next holiday on the calendar is Mother’s Day, and we’re genuinely in spring by then. My trike is tuned up and mostly ready to ride for the season, and it’s only due to a full schedule mixed with evenings of complete torpor that I haven’t gotten out for a ride yet. The weather’s been fine for riding, especially as I put on almost no miles last summer, and need to get back in shape. That’s a lot easier when the days are cool, and I can go for a ride without having to worry about coming home all sweaty. And it’s still too early to start planting much outside yet, so I really should get some miles in now. Hopefully this week. Maybe this afternoon.

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