7. April, 2004 - Peep Week continues

The busy week continues, too. Aside from the various work-stuff, and long-running non-work, non-paying stuff, I’m also starting to get quotes for replacing the old, uneven sidewalk at my house with a new one. It’s not something I have to do right this instant, but I’d like to have it done before next winter, since shoveling the current sidewalk means about two feet of progress, followed by jamming the shovel into edge of the next chunk of sidewalk. Jarring. Besides, I’ve promised myself that part of the deal for a new sidewalk is a patio so I have a place to set the grill this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some griping about contractors that’s going to come with the deal, but if I’m ever going to start hosting Friday-night “bring your own meat” barbecues again, I’m going to need a place for the grill.

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