29. March, 2004 - back to it

I’m back. I spent the weekend up in Toronto, aka YYZ, aka T.O., aka Accordion City. I needed to get away from a bunch of things around home, and while it was far from the perfect time to leave, it was exactly the perfect time to leave, if you get what I’m saying.

The quick summary is that on Thursday, I went up the CN Tower (and saw about the only sunshine the entire time I was in Toronto — there was a five-minute time in there when I had good views before the clouds covered everything up again), and then out for a lovely evening with Joey, Eldon, and Eldon’s flexible objectivist lust-object. Friday saw me taking a vacation from my vacation. I walked to the Royal Ontario Museum, and then the combination of being tired from the walk and seeing the huge crowd of school-children entering the museum made me decide to bag that and take the subway back to the hotel for a nap. About the only thing of note on Friday was heading to the Distillery District, which isn’t all that exciting in the middle of a dreary afternoon. Saturday, I went to the museum for real, some shopping on Queen St. W., Cory’s book signing at Bakka Books, the Toronto blogger gathering at ¿C’est What? followed by a number of other bars with Joey. Sunday I was hungover and flying home.

Thanks to Joey for a good time in Accordion City, and I’ll be posting pictures and more details once I’ve finished catching up on everything around here. Based on the list of things I’m staring at right now, it feels like that might be next winter. I got away from things, but that didn’t stop them from existing. At least I feel better about life for now.

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