24. March, 2004 - fuck spam

I’m feeling a little cranky this morning. I woke up to over sixty emails since 10 pm last night, of which six were good, and four were automated notices I expect to get every night. The other fifty-some were either spam, bounces from spams that had forged my address in their reply-to, or notices about spam having overflowed a mailbox for one of my clients (for whom I forward mail), because her webmail-box on one of those free servers has filled up with spam, so I’ve got nowhere to forward the mail to anymore. I’ve had to shut that forwarding off for now.

It makes me wonder if we’ve become too civilized or too complacent. I was talking with another friend over the weekend, and we were trying to figure out why it is that Alan Ralsky is still able to send spam. I don’t condone murder or capital punishment, but there are people out there who are a bit unbalanced. Hell, some guy killed a rock star to get attention and another whack-job tried to kill Reagan to impress a movie star. I find it hard to believe that there’s not some nut who’s so pissed off about spam he wouldn’t make a trip to Michigan. If Ralsky lived in my neighborhood, I’d think awfully hard about at least cutting his phone line.

I’ll keep trying technological solutions though. I keep tweaking SpamAssassin, and am looking into other answers (more on that below). I’m also thinking of switching email clients to one that supports IMAP so I can flag spam on my client machine, and get that information (easily) propagated back to my server so it can do better filtering in the future. But it’s going to take a while to get any solution in place, and meanwhile I have to deal with over ¾ of my mail being spam. Ugh.

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