21. March, 2004 - Get Out of My Namespace

Noontime update at the end of the day…

Update: noon

It’s been a busy morning for me. I’ve needed to get a number of little things done around the house for quite a while, and I attacked them with a vengeance this morning. The initial plan had been to go up to my mom’s house for lunch today, but after heading up there both Monday and Friday of last week, we decided I should stay home and catch up around here. Anyway, here’s the list. It’s only noon, but I feel like I’ve already gotten a full day’s worth of work done around here.

  1. Reorganize office, including rotating desk by 90°
  2. Rewire outlet in office area so it’s grounded, only to discover I don’t need it after all
  3. Clean floor in office area
  4. Set up shelf in space freed up by rotating desk
  5. Set up networked laser printer on shelf
  6. Set up fax machine on shelf
  7. Set up color printer on shelf
  8. Set up Ethernet, FireWire and USB hubs on desk so I can get to my peripherals.
  9. Move computer under desk so the fan-noise won’t bother me so much.
  10. Set up server I bought on Friday (on shelf)
  11. Collect debugging information from the Cisco VPN box so I can email it to Tech Support on Monday morning
  12. Do laundry
  13. Haul out the rest of the carpet from the bedroom upstairs
  14. Fill bird feeder
  15. Sweep and mop floor in bedroom that no longer has carpet
  16. Haul out recycling that’s been building up
  17. Water plants
  18. Set up X-10 on a few lights around the house
  19. Pay bills

It looks like I’m about half finished with the list, which is a pretty good feeling as I take a break for lunch.

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