20. March, 2004 - spring

And that leads into some news on the hardware front. Yesterday afternoon I ran down to General Nanosystems and bought all the parts to make a new server out of a Shuttle SN41G2. It’s a sweet little box, and can even do TV-out. I plan on using it as a "tepid-swappable" server replacement. That is, it’ll be at home, on a separate network, but configured essesntially the same as the server that runs Dave’s Picks. Once I get all the software configured to my satisfaction, I’ll swap it into place for the existing server, and then upgrade that to newer software.

One of the things I find myself needing again is a cheap, small monitor to hook up to a computer like this while I’m doing OS installs. It doesn’t need to be much, since I just need 80×25 text-mode on a VGA-compatible monitor, and I used to have a 9" black-and-white monitor for that, but when I moved, I threw that away, rather than moving it. D’Oh! I could probably buy another for $25, but what I’d really like is a tiny (9″ or smaller) LCD monitor that I can use just long enough to install an OS from a CD that wouldn’t require much storage space for the other 11 months of the year when I don’t need it. Monochrome would be fine. The Datalux LMV10 looks like one possible solution, and they seem to be going for cheap enough on eBay, but if anyone out there has an idea of other solutions, I’d like to hear about ’em.

How is this related to Markdown? Well, I’m looking at installing some blogging software as part of the server-swap, and keep looking at various systems. I’ll probably try a few before actually making the new server live, but the current front-runners are textpattern and b2++. I need to determine how each works in a chrooted apache configuration before I decide for sure, but since I know that Movable Type can run chrooted, that gives me a fallback position.

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