18. March, 2004 - ooh, pictures

part of the carpet is gone
part of the carpet is gone

One of the projects I’ve been working on around home is getting “my bedroom” ready for me to move into it. It’s been a slow process, mostly because I had planned to have Home Depot put in new carpeting, but then discovered that there’s 9″ vinyl tile under the carpeting, which contains asbestos. That makes a new install more complicated, and I put it off. This week, I’ve started tearing out the old carpeting, and got about halfway done before the dust (no asbestos in that – it’s contained in the tile, as long as I don’t break up the tiles) became overpowering and then other things got in the way, but I figured I’d provide a photo to show the progress (or lack thereof).

I hope to get the rest of the carpeting torn out so I can have it ready for the trashman next Wednesday, and then clean things up and figure out what color paint, curtains, etc. I’m going to put in that room. I’m hoping to be able to set up my bedroom in there by Memorial Day, which means I need to sort out the colors and do some painting early in April, followed by carpeting later in April. That should leave me enough time for waffling on the decisions and the inevitable loss of motivation.

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