15. March, 2004 - *poof*

Well, I had a bunch of linkage ready to go about 6am this morning when the editor I use every morning “Unexpectedly Quit” as I was trying to save, sending all the linkage off into a cloud of electrons. Admittedly, it’s pre-beta software at the moment, but it’s generally been stable, so I didn’t worry about using it. But my schedule for yesterday and today have been completely trashed about four times in the past 24 hours, I’m feeling generally frazzled, and I just don’t have the energy to go back and try and recreate things. Sorry about that.

Software bugs like that are understandable, but they can be a gumption trap of the first order. I understand how bugs happen (I’ve written plenty of them myself), but on a morning like this, it’s just too much for me to go back and start over. If you submitted something (and at least one of you did), please send it in again, and I’ll try to get to it tomrorow.

The biggest news item was that the uprising in Iran has led to the resignation of the member of parliament for Fereydunkenar. More here and here.

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