5. March, 2004 - more snow

Update 8:40 am Oof. I’ve finished the shovelling (for some value of finished). Y’know how I hurt my back two weeks ago? Well, it was still sore before I went out to shovel this morning. I think now I’m going to be completely out of commission for a while. Again, the problem is having to lift a shovelful of wet, heavy snow. And it’s made worse by the fact that my shovel has no way to keep it from twisting in my hands, so about half the time it just turns and all the snow dumps and I have to scoop it up a second time. Anyway, I’ve got an owie. And next time I’m out shopping, I’ll be looking for a new shovel, too.

I also noticed that there was enough snow sticking to the clotheslines that it was bending the poles inwards. I knew there were wimpy, but I didn’t think a few inches of snow on the clotheslines would bend them. So I chopped down the lines. I don’t think I want or need the clotheslines out there, but the one pole holds up the bird-feeder, and I’d hate to see that get dumped in the snow.

But Jim points out that Dan the One Man Band (who we saw on our vacation in Ireland) has a website. It’s kind of entertaining if you’ve got flash so you can see it all.

From here down was all written before 7:15am

A snowy morning
A snowy morning

I knew it was too early in the year to be looking at the grass in the back yard and thinking about raking it already. Nature answered with an inch of snow when I woke up and now it’s up to about two inches. Don’t know how much there will be total, but I’ll be out shovelling soon. The snow makes the trees in the back yard look real pretty though, so I had to take some pictures. First is the raw one right out of the camera (they’re both scaled down, since at full size, the sensor noise is pretty awful), and the second is “enhanced” by Photoshop’s “Auto Levels” command. I’m not sure which I like more, but I think the moody colors of the original are more striking.

the "enhanced" version
the "enhanced" version

Most of the pictures I present here are unmanipulated. I may do some cropping in iPhoto as I import them, but that’s about it. I generally don’t touch the color or anything. But I sometimes wonder if I should learn a little more Photoshop mojo so I can do more in the way of retouching. I don’t know for sure, but if you have a strong opinion about any of the photos you see here, let me know what you think. I suspect some of the pictures would look better manipulated, but I don’t know enough right now to do a good job of it, so I don’t even try. In any case, the first one is closer to what my eye saw, though without so much of a blue cast. The second is striking in a different way, mostly because of the unworldly colors that appear around the noise from the camera.

Finally, I’ve been playing with the drop-caps some more. They’re now a bit higher, as that makes Mozilla render them properly. In Safari, they should be 0.2em lower. I’m aware of the problem, but the only solution I see is to send out different CSS based on the browser, so I’m working on some code to do that. If you know of a cool CSS hack to change the height of the drop-caps (specifically, using the margin-top) between Safari and Mozilla, I’d appreciate any tips.

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