4. March, 2004 - the home front

No, I didn’t intentionally leave off the drop-caps yesterday. I just forgot to enable them. It turned out for the best though. The band listings at the bottom look Really Bad if I turn on the drop-caps.

Yesterday was a busy day for house-things. I hadn’t exactly planned it that way, but that’s how it worked out. It started in the morning with a call to St. Paul Plumbing. The shower they installed back in January had started to drip, and if I was to fix it myself, I’d void my warranty, so I put in the call for a plumber.

Next up was a visit from the UPS guy. He was dropping off the trash-can I’d mail-ordered. As I explained before, I couldn’t find one I liked locally, so I ended up having to mail-order it. It’s a little taller than I’d hoped, but that meant I had to figure out a different location for it in the kitchen, which I think turned out to be a good thing.

Then it was time to go digging through the boxes in the basement to find the original CD for some software I needed. I have it installed, but I needed to update it, and the updater would only work if the original CD was in the drive. Ugh. Effective copy-protection, I guess, but I ended up having to move about a dozen boxes to get to the one containing the original CDs for all my software. It’s about time to add “sort the boxes” to my to-do list. To be honest, it was probably time to do that a couple months ago, but I think it just became higher priority.

Then it was lunch time. I ended up cancelling my lunch-date with Tom the Tailor, since the plumber was due to arrive between noon and 2pm. I need Tom to repair a small hole I tore in the sleeve of my leather jacket on Sunday when the hook on the storm-door grabbed me as I was carrying in a box of stuff. I’ve since removed that hook, since it’s only useful for holding the door shut in high winds, and fixing the latch on the door seemed like a better solution.

Just after lunch, a client showed up to drop off a CD of new images for his web site. We talked for a while, and he commented on the big map I have hanging near my front door. He asked if it was for mapping out my political strategy in town, and I responded that it was more for bike-riding, and I probably wasn’t going to be getting into politics for another cycle at least. But it got me thinking about riding my trike again. More importantly, I need to take an afternoon to make sure it’s ridable. I also need to clean out the garage so I can get the trike in and out without having to move the car.

About 2pm, the plumber showed up. After deciding that the drip in the shower was coming out of the cold-water side, he tore into the faucet. No problem with the cold water. Instead it was the hot that was dripping, and there was a chunk of what looked like a fingernail stuck in the valve, causing the drip. I’m still a little baffled as to how a leaky hot-water valve was producing cold water coming out, and also how a chunk of fingernail got into my plumbing, but it’s all better now, so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Once the plumber had left, I stopped by Franks Nursery and bought a plant for the living room (I’m not positive, but I think this is the first indoor plant I’ve ever bought for myself), a garden hose, and some shovels and rakes and implements of destruction. The plant I got is an indoor palm of some variety or other, and only has two stalks at the moment, but looks as though it should fill in nicely over time. It’s a little over 4′ tall, which is nice, since I can put it directly on the floor, rather than needing to buy some kind of stand for it. I’ll need to buy a pot that looks better than the cheap plastic one it came in (with a red plastic plate left over from the housewarming party under it to catch any extra water), but I’m going to worry about that later. Cheap plastic is fine for now and I won’t feel as bad if I kill it before I get it repotted. Once I take that step, I’ll feel more responsible for the plant.

Somehow with all that other stuff going on, I managed to get a few hours of work done, too. I’m actually feeling pretty good again about the contract that’s taking the majority of my time at the moment. That’s a welcome change from a few weeks ago when I was feeling pretty discouraged.

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